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About Us

Commercial Refrigeration install in a San Francisco Supermarket done by Coolrite Refrigeration

Coolrite Refrigeration is your top rated team of experts servicing your commercial refrigeration needs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are committed to providing you exceptional services with our highly trained and certified technicians, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether that means you are in urgent need of an installation, a quick repair and or regular maintenance, Coolrite is at your footsteps.

We pride ourselves  in offering products that we are confident in. You can assure your high standards for service are fulfilled with working with Coolrite. Our products and services are sure to well fit your requirements while implementing effective strategies to optimize performance. We are the largest providers servicing the SF Bay Area and our customers are constantly satisfied with our exceptional customer service. Rest assured we are there for your needs, concerns, and goals in order to maximize your economical operation with optimal sustainability.

Serving as the #1 San Francisco Commercial Refrigeration Repair service since 1990

We have built a reputation for being the most reliable commercial refrigeration experts in the San Francisco bay area.

Our company values:

  • 01 Put Customers First

    Our customers rely on Coolrite in their time of need. We must always be their for our customers and ensure we are tending to the needs to their needs. We must always start with the customer and think of ways to add value to them.

  • We always act with the upmost integrity. We expect all technicians and engineers to be honest with customers. We do what we say we are going to do and will admit when we make mistakes.

  • The success of Coolrite Refrigeration depends on the ownership of every employee. We all own Coolrite and strive to achieve results that benefit our customers.

Image showing coolrtie refrigeration's covid-19 commercial refrigeration guidelines

Worker Safety Measures Taken to Protect and Keep our Employees Safe during COVID-19

Cool Rite Refrigeration Inc. has reviewed applicable federal, state, and local orders and guidance and are dedicated to follow them while in operations. We appreciate our customersloyalty during these difficult times and want to ensure you that Cool Rite Refrigeration Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

We have implemented an infectious disease preparedness and response plan to protect our employees and our clients/customers/vendors from COVID-19 following the recommendations and guidance of the CDC, OSHA, HHS, and other applicable federal, state, and local health authorities. These plans include specific steps to follow if an employee gets COVID-19 and protocols for isolating employees who become ill at work. If any employee is confirmed to have COVID-19, the company will address and isolate employees working near the infected co-worker.

In order to protect our valued customers and employees we have implemented

  • Employee Health Screening
  • Healthy Hygeine Practices
  • Social Distancing
  • Cleaning/Disinfection protocols
  • Early Reporting

For more information please see our official COVID-19 protocols


Coolrite Refrigeration is commited to providing top of the line services to customers every time.

Commerical Refrigeration Service

Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are very expirenced in repairing and installing refrigeration units. We only provide top notch service to our customers. We pride ourselves in being the top rated refrigeration company in the San Francisco bay area.

Refrigeration Engineering

Coolrite Refrigeration has the a first class engineering team ready to help draft efficent solutions for our customers.

Walk In Coolers and Freezers

Our team is specialized in installing top of the line coolers and freezers for our clients that are guaranteed to be long lasting, durable, and reliable.

Preventive Maintenance

Don't wait for something to break! Avoid losing thousands of dollars in spoiled foods. Sign up for our monthly preventive Maintenance plan to ensure that all of your units are running optimally all the time.

Our Work

We are proud to show off our professional commercial refrigeration work!

  • All
  • Proper Piping
  • Walk in Coolers/Freezers
  • Reach in Coolers/Freezers
Proper piping installed in a san francisco market for a commercial refrigeration unit

Piping for an industrial commercial refrigeration

commercial refrigeration reach in cooler installed in berkley ca

Reach in for a brand new super market in San Francisco

Proper piping for commercial refrigeration unit installed in oakland ca

Piping for a restaurants commercial walk-in cooler

Walk in Freezer for a famous steak house in San Francisco

Walk in Freezer for a famous steak house in San Francisco

Reach in cooler for a popular market in San Francisco

Reach in cooler for a popular market in San Francisco

Walk in cooler for a sushi joint in San Francisco

Walk in cooler for a sushi joint in San Francisco

Walk in Cooler for Costco in South San Francisco

Walk in Cooler for Costco

Walk in freezer for a restaurant in Palo Alto CA

Walk in freezer for a restaurant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do walk-in cooler come in any size?

    We custom make all of our walk-in coolers/freezers. Meaning we can create any size walk-in to fit your business needs.

  • Yes! We do it all.

  • Yes, the floor is extremely important for insulation. This helps keep the cost of running the walk-in low and protects foods from experiencing mold growth which is against health regulations. Having a quality floor also protects employees from slipping on slippery floors.

  • We recommend signing up for our monthly preventative maintenance plan where we dispatch a technician on a monthly cadence to clean your walk-ins coils and ensure there is proper air flow. We preemptively fix problems saving customers money and ensuring their businesses run smoothly. We highly recommend not keeping doors open for too long as this adds stress to the system. We also urge our customers not to stack foods around the coils or fans as it is important to keep proper airflow to ensure your cooler runs optimally.



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